Constitutional Leadership Training

Our philosophy —
Our society lacks basic civics education & understanding of the values that made America the most successful nation in history. You learn to analyze through the lens of these liberty principles.

Our Workshops

Constitution Alive

Know your Rights!
Gain more Constitutional Knowledge than 99% of Americans!
Learn Tangible Action Steps for Preserving Liberty!
Entertaining! Inspiring! Educational!
Learn the Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional Foundation of Freedom!

6 week Course

Biblical Citizenship

Throughout our history, American pastors & churches have played a vital role in the preservation of liberty. In this time of crisis, where we see our freedoms under attack like never before, we are calling on every Biblical Christian in America to step up and join us in defending liberty. Designed for Churches The Biblical Citizenship class was specifically created for churches and includes commentary from leading Biblical scholars, Constitutional experts, National Leaders, and Religious Liberty champions. The entire course is provided to Churches and students through our easy to use

8 week Course

Constitutional Defense

Learn what the second amendment is really about. Gain more Constitutional Knowledge than 99% of the country.

!0 Week Course

Dates TBD

American Campfire Revival Series

Join Kirk Cameron around the campfire as he guides you through The American Covenant: The Untold Story, the book millions of people studied while gathered virtually in Kirk’s backyard, starting the movement now known as the American Campfire Revival. In 10 lessons designed for group discussion, Kirk is joined by Marshall Foster, and together, they guide you through the miraculous beginnings of America, revealing its life-giving secrets, while setting a road map for today to stir a passion for liberty! Revival doesn’t die if there are enough liberty-loving people to fuel it and to fan the flames of faith and good works into a wildfire that brings new and lasting life to America.

5 week Course -

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